Safety and Boundaries

  1. Some forms of touch in CI are:
    (a) rolling point of contact, (b) sliding, (c) sharing weight, and (d) using contact to follow momentum. Other forms and qualities of touch can come into play when they arise consensually.
  2. If you are unsure if someone wants to dance with you, obtain either verbal or unequivocal nonverbal consent before engaging in touch (such as a nod, eye contact, and/or confirmation that the person is moving toward you rather than away).
  3. It is never okay to intentionally touch someone’s chest or genitals or to lock someone in a constrained position against their will, or manipulate their body in any way that does not allow them agency. Do not assume that your activities are safe or accessible to everyone else.
  4. If you cannot communicate your needs with your movement, use words. It is always okay to say “NO” or “STOP” if something feels uncomfortable or unsafe.
  5. Maintain your own boundaries and do not do things that make you feel unsafe.
  6. Practice listening and practice hearing feedback about your impact on others without becoming defensive.
  7. You have the right to accept, refuse, or end any dance without needing to give a reason or apology. Conversely, do not take it personally if someone leaves a dance with you.
  8. Witnessing and resting are always options. Be aware of the space around you. Make use of the chillout area for reading, chatting, etc. 
  9. Do not come to the jam or classes if you are intoxicated with anything.
  10. Please, eat your food outside the dancefloor and have only closed non-glass containers inside.

Relational and Social Considerations

  1. Respect people’s pronouns, names, and accessibility needs.
  2. Cultivate awareness of how your identity and position impact your experience at the jam. Work on developing an understanding of how any privileges you carry inform other people’s experiences.
  3. Unwelcome verbal and/or physical aggression, unwanted teaching or posturing, harassment, gas-lighting, and other forms of manipulation are not welcome at this jam.
  4. Wear clean clothing. Avoid jewellery, watches, and clothing with buttons.
  5. Do not post any pictures or videos on social media without the consent of those involved. If you take a picture, ask yourself: What are you giving to the space?
  6. Stay home if you feel unwell. Please wash your hands regularly. 
  7. Cover your wounds or blisters.

Enforcement of these guidelines

  1. We recognise that there is no such thing as a perfectly safe space, but we strive toward building the most respectful and inclusive space possible.
  2. When someone behaves counter to these guidelines, we will use compassionate calling-in and mediation as strategies to build awareness around the behaviour.
  3. If someone repeatedly behaves in ways that undermine the spirit and ideas of these guidelines, they will be asked to leave.